Bible Numerics

153 fishes John 21

Why 153 Fishes?

  Extra note not seen in video: “gospel” is only mentioned in 95 verses, so I looked instead for the 45th verse… because 45 = (15*3) The 45th verse “gospel”

The Book of the LORD

Would you like to fact check this information? Go to:​ 1. Hit “Search” 2. Type “book” or “the volume of the book” 3. Scroll down, click the “file details”

Thy Word Be Verified

EXTENDED VERSION:   ORIGINAL VERSION: All word counts are powered by King James Pure Bible Search. Total word counts of the Bible / N.T…. include all superscriptions and colophons.  

Is It Okay to Study Numbers in the Bible?

Is it okay to study “Biblical numerology?” I’ve been asked this question so many times by beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, that I decided it would be best to