7: God’s Number of Completion

The following research will begin to open your eyes to the power of God and His inspiration over His finished Bible, which took 7 years to complete. (King James Bible,

How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

1 John 4:8 …God is love. Have you ever heard the devil whisper this lie into your thoughts: IF GOD IS LOVE, HOW CAN HE SEND PEOPLE TO HELL FOREVER?

Grace: Answering Questions About Salvation

Are you the kind of person who wants the truth thrown straight at you, even if it hurts? I’m that person. And I didn’t know it until I heard a

KJB Word Count PDF – 100% Accuracy

King James Bible word counts, including all Psalms headings and NT colophons: Old Testament: 23,145 verses 610,281 words New Testament:  7,957 verses 180,568 words Full Bible: 31,102 verses 790,849 words

List of Verses where NKJV changes the meaning of the KJB

Note- this list is not exhaustive. Just a brief overview, updated every now and then with more verses. KJV > NKJV corruption Genesis 1:1 KJV > Genesis 1:1 NKJV (heaven

119: The “Heart” of God

  Extra notes not seen in the video: The 119th word of the King James Bible is the 7th word of the 7th verse. “divided” The 119th letter of the

Trailer: Abomination of Desolation

  UPDATE: June 14, 2021- The video is still in the works. Hundreds and hundreds of hours are being poured into it. Please continue to pray for it.   Pray

3 Simple, Incredible Signs the KJB is Inspired

Would you like to fact check this information? Go to: https://webchannel.purebiblesearch.com/​ 1. Hit “Search” 2. Type “Peter” or “Paul” or “book” or “the volume of the book” 3. Scroll down,

153 fishes John 21

Why 153 Fishes?

  Extra note not seen in video: “gospel” is only mentioned in 95 verses, so I looked instead for the 45th verse… because 45 = (15*3) The 45th verse “gospel”