Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus Destroys the Pharisees with the 7777th Verse of the Bible

This video dives into some extra notes on the book Sealed By The King.

**Note** it’s not necessary to have the book in order to follow along.

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Sealed By The King
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The 1611th Mention of LORD (And Why It’s a Really Big Deal)


What is the probability of all these things perfectly co-existing in one book by random chance?

Special thanks to Tom Wilks for dedicating so much time and effort to figuring out the calculation on the last words of Genesis/Revelation. (I’ll have that full video available soon)

All scripture reading by the amazing voice of Jake Phillips, YouTube: @JakePhillips116

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Summary of Extra Notes:

  • In Genesis 1-2, “God” (Day 1) is exactly 777 words from “God” (Day 7)
  • Jesus speaks His unique signature phrase exactly 77 times in the Bible (“Verily I say unto you/thee…“)
  • The last word of Genesis (“Egypt“) is mentioned 77 times in Genesis, just as the last word of Revelation (“Amen“) is mentioned 77 times in the Bible when capitalized.
  • The first and last words of Genesis 1 (Detailing God’s 6 days of work during creation) are mentioned a combined 7×7×7×7×6 times in the Bible (“In” + “day“), as well as 777+77 times in Genesis and Revelation, and 77×16×11 times in the rest of the Bible
  • My/my Father = 7×7 mentions in the Gospels (Always Jesus talking)
  • The Gospels record 7 unique miracles of Jesus performed on the sabbath
  • The Gospels record 7×7 unique miracles of Jesus in total
  • God* = 70×7 mentions in all chapters where Father* & Jesus* are also both mentioned in that chapter
  • in the sight of the LORD” = 77 mentions (UPPERCASE “LORD”)
  • know that I am the LORD” = 77 mentions (UPPERCASE/Capitalized “LORD”)
  • the voice of the LORD” = 7×7 mentions (UPPERCASE/Capitalized “LORD”)
  • the word(s)” + “thy word(s)” = 777 mentions
  • “Jesus” + “Messias” + “Son” = 777 mentions in the Gospels (Case-sensitive, excluding antimentions)
  • the Son of man” = 77 mentions (Case-sensitive)
  • Son + Abraham = 77×6 mentions (Case-sensitive, excluding antimentions)
  • {John(‘s) [the Baptist, in the Entire Bible]} + {Jesus(‘s) + Christ(‘s) [In the Gospels]} = 777 mentions
  • God + Jesus + his Spirit = 777×7 mentions
  • God + Jesus + his Spirit = 777×3 mentions in the N.T. (“his Spirit” is case-sensitive)
  • All words starting with A or Z in Genesis & Revelation = 7723 mentions, which is Prime[980] (Massive significance because Jesus(‘) = 980 mentions in the KJB)
  • 7777 words between the first mention of “Jesus Christ” (Mat 1:1) and “the sabbath” (Mat 12:2) right before He uses the 7777th verse of the Bible against the Pharisees
  • the sabbath” = 7×7 mentions in the N.T. (Case-sensitive)
  • There are 7777 verses between Mat 7:7 and the last verse of the Bible (Rev 22:21)
  • There are a total of 31,102 verses in the Bible, and 31,102 = (7774+7775+7776+7777). There are no other ways of adding up consecutive numbers to get a sum of 31,102.
  • The first mention of “sabbath” in the Bible is exactly 7×7×7 words away from “LORD” in Exodus 16:11

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Are you saved?

If you are not saved by the blood and grace of Jesus Christ, I really hope this book shows you how magnificent our God truly is. I pray you turn to Him and ask Him to save you from your sins. Salvation was purchased at the greatest cost that could ever be paid: at the cross of Calvary. The Son of God in exchange for your sins. And thanks be to God, that 3 days later, the Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the grave and defeated death forever. Believe on Him. Ask Him to save you. Trust Him with all thine heart.

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