The Bible in our hand is the SWORD of His MOUTH

…out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword… Revelation 1:16 KJB

And that sword is in the hand of the saints. That sword is the 1611 King James Bible.

All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!

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The 1611th Mention of LORD

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I’m thankful to Chris Bolen for sharing his discovery on Mouth*/Sword* = 777x [OT], which led to the other 777 discoveries.

Revelation 19 at the end was read by Jake Phillips! 🙂 @JakePhillips116

Watch the Doctrine of Balaam by Cody Zorn on @TruthisChrist2

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Oh! I forgot to add the “faithful” & “true” counts for modern versions in the video.

In the New Testament:

Faithful = 54x
True = 54x

Faithful = 53x
True = 54x

Faithful = 47x
True = 66x

Faithful = 47x
True = 66x

Faithful = 47x
True = 59x

Faithful = 59x
True = 98x