The Author Signed His Work | Psalm 44:4


This is the most powerful code I have ever discovered.

By far.

Ties together the first and last verses of the Bible with the name “King James” in the text itself.

May the Lord Jesus Christ alone be glorified. It is He that allowed me to find it. (Was a complete accident when I found it)

I hope it’s a blessing to you.

If you haven’t trusted Jesus Christ to save you from your sins, you are going to hell immediately when you die.

This is not because God is evil. This is the righteous and true judgment that you deserve for rejecting the sacrifice of His beloved Son.

Heaven will be filled with people who murdered, stole, lied, practiced homosexuality, abused their children, blasphemed Jesus, cheated on their spouses… but in humility came to God as sinners and put their faith in Jesus Christ and the blood of his cross to wash away all their sins past, present and future.

Hell will be filled with people who helped the poor, went to church, got baptized, fed the homeless, doctored the sick, donated to children’s hospitals, helped their neighbors, and loved their families with all their hearts… but proudly rejected Jesus Christ and his perfect loving sacrifice that would have cleansed them from all their sins.

Romans 2:11 KJV
For there is no respect of persons with God.


If you are looking into Bible translations, I humbly suggest to you that you throw every English translation you have in the trash except for the King James Bible.

We must face the overwhelming evidence: the most printed and influential book in world history, in the most widely spoken language of the world, is inspired by God.

The King James Bible contains zero errors.

Tried and proven.

It knows our thoughts as we read it. And it speaks to us when we believe it.

It is the final book prophesied by Isaiah (34.16). The book of the LORD, containing the pure and inspired words of GOD.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Reach out anytime!


These parallel verses emphasizing EVERY word of God have the exact same numeric reference of 4:4
Matthew 4:4 / Luke 4:4

“LORD” – all caps, first mentions:
OT: verse #4 of Gen 2
NT: verse #44 of Mat 22

King James Holy book = 444 mentions