What about the 🚨 APOCRYPHA 🚨 in the KJB1611?

A quick video to address the questions coming in regarding the Apocrypha in the King James Bible. Books/Sources mentioned: Douay Rheims 1610 [PDF] Geneva 1560 Facsimile King James

Verifying the 77777x Count with Other Bible Software (BLB, e-Sword, Logos)

This is a very basic video for research purposes to validate the 77,777 claim in this video. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

KJB Word Count PDF – 100% Accuracy

King James Bible word counts, including all Psalms headings and NT colophons: Old Testament: 23,145 verses 610,281 words New Testament:  7,957 verses 180,568 words Full Bible: 31,102 verses 790,849 words

List of Verses where NKJV changes the meaning of the KJB

In case you thought the NKJV was just the KJV with updated language, you were wrong. Note- this list is not exhaustive. Just a brief overview, updated every now and