Thy Word Episode 4: From Good News to KJB in Zambia, Africa

Is God’s perfect word in an English Bible that is hundreds of years old? A street preacher from Zambia believes so…

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
– Ps.119.105

Watch until the end! 🙂 Episode 4 brings a new angle to Thy Word as we change course from numerics and begin to explore the reasons why people from other countries believe the King James Bible contains God’s inspired and preserved word.

Special thanks to Gift Mwila for the interview.

To help with sending Bibles and gospel tracts to Gift in Zambia, here is the GoFundMe link:

All money raised in the GoFundMe will be put toward a few nice study Bibles, extra Bibles to hand out (all King James of course), gospel tracts, and a laptop if there is enough leftover. The laptop is because Gift was taking a graphic design course, but wasn’t able to proceed with it because he didn’t have a computer.

Everything will be purchased here in the US and then packed in 1 shipment to send to Gift in Zambia.

Thank you so much for giving/sharing and I pray that the Lord will receive all the glory and praise.

If you want to reach out to him directly, his email is:

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What is ‘THY WORD” ?

A series entirely focused on the perfection of the Bible and bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all hearts that are sincerely seeking the truth. From the numerics of the KJV to Bible translation comparisons, we will explore the depths of the Bible issue in ways never seen before. Are these the very words of God? Is this the book that Isaiah prophesied of in the end times? Isaiah 34.16 – “the book of the LORD”

Blessings in Christ Jesus
Brandon P

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