Thy Word Episode 3: The First and the Last

our Lord + Jesus + Christ = 1611x

Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it. – Ps.119.140

Episode 3 includes:
– The best commentary/exposition on Psalm 12:6-7 I’ve ever read
– Newly discovered codes in the first and the last verses
– An “Alpha and Omega” discovery involving exactly 7777 words
– Count comparisons of KJB vs NKJV, ESV, NASB, NIV

Special thanks to:
– Craig Kusmierski (Psalm 12:6-7 exposition)
– Donna W. (Accurate word counts)

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If you have not yet seen previous episodes of Thy Word, here is the playlist:

This video may be best viewed from a laptop. This time however, I have tried to magnify the search results to make it easier on the eyes if you’re on mobile.

What is ‘THY WORD” ?

A series entirely focused on the perfection of the Bible and bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all hearts that are sincerely seeking the truth. From the numerics of the KJV to Bible translation comparisons, we will explore the depths of the Bible issue in ways never seen before. Are these the very words of God? Is this the book that Isaiah prophesied of in the end times? Isaiah 34.16 – “the book of the LORD”

Blessings in Christ Jesus
Brandon P

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