GOD’S PROOF: 7 Patterns ONLY Found in the KJB + Extra Notes

This brief 9-minute presentation is based on thousands of hours of rigorous research, asking, seeking, and knocking with diligence and, what Jesus would surely call, “little faith.” Everything is accurate, and all of it can be found in a single printed volume of the King James Bible (KJV / KJB), also known as the Authorised Version, anywhere they are sold.


Extra notes

7. Words of God in the First Chapters of OT & NT — Timestamp: 1:44

We are counting all words actively and personally spoken by God. I do not include the following words as being actively spoken by God: Day, Night, Heaven, Earth, and Seas. These are not actively spoken sentences, but rather titles that God has assigned. It would be much different if it were worded like this, “And God said, The dry land shall be called Earth…” but instead it says, “And God called the dry land Earth” Notice how there is no comma before “Earth.” In the grammatical structure of the King James Bible, quotations always follow commas (E.g. “And he said, What hast thou done?”). Therefore, a clear distinction is made between God “calling” or assigning a 1-word title to something in contrast to the active voice of God (And God said, …). The same type of thing happens in Exodus 16:31, where it says, “And the house of Israel called the name thereof Manna” Surely, we wouldn’t interpret this as the children of Israel all shouting in unison, “Manna!” It’s simply giving us the name they assigned it. All 49 words in Matthew 1 are spoken by the angel of the Lord. In case you or somebody else ponders if the angel of the LORD is actually speaking the direct and personal words of God, see Genesis 22:15-16 which will resolve any doubts.

Words of God in Genesis 1
KJB = 343 = 7x7x7
KJB1611 = 344 (Standardized 1762)
NKJV = 336
ESV = 333
NASB20 = 326
NIV = 321

Words of God in Matthew 1
KJB = 49 = 7×7
KJB1611 = 49 = 7×7
NKJV = 50
ESV = 46
NASB20 = 50
NIV = 51

6. First and Last words of the First and Last verses of the Bible — Timestamp: 2:18

Besides all this, Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21 have the exact same amount of letters (44), vowels (17), and consonants (27). If you were to shuffle all the verses of the Bible, the chances of this happening are approximately 1 in 1,480,000. To give you a rough idea of how unlikely it is; there are no other verses in the entire book of Revelation that have exactly 44 letters. Revelation 22:21 is the 144th verse of the Bible to have exactly 44 letters, and the 26th verse to have 17 vowels / 27 consonants.

Amen (Entire Bible)
KJB = 77
KJB1611 = 77
NKJV = 77
ESV = 56
NASB20 = 57
NIV = 57

In + Amen (GEN/REV)
KJB = 777
KJB1611 = 782
NKJV = 758
ESV = 719
NASB20 = 707
NIV = 676

In + earth + The + Amen (Entire Bible) (earth & Amen = case-sensitive)
KJB = 77,777
KJB1611 = 77,745 (Standardized 1700’s?)
NKJV = To be determined
ESV = To be determined
NASB20 = To be determined
NIV = To be determined


5. Christ’s Signature Phrase — Timestamp: 3:41

The Greek word for “Verily” (ἀμὴν) G281 is the same word for “Amen”. See this link – G281. There is one instance (Luke 11:51) out of the 77 in the KJB that does not have “ἀμὴν” in Greek, but rather the word for “Yes” which is why this pattern doesn’t appear in the Greek TR. Despite the “Yes” in Greek, the King James translators chose to go with “Verily…” whereas modern translations do not stay consistent with their translations for ἀμὴν. This means, Luke 11:51 wipes out the perfect 77 counts for modern translations, including the NKJV. If you think it’s illogical for the King James to read “Verily” in Luke 11:51, see its parallel verse where “ἀμὴν” is used in the Greek: Matthew 23:36.

“Verily I say unto…” (Entire Bible)
KJB = 77
KJB1611 = 77
NKJV = 76 (“Assuredly, I say to you…”)
ESV = 72 (“Truly, I say to you…”)
NASB20 = 75 (“Truly I say to you…”)
NIV = 79  (“Truly I tell you…”)


4. Father + Son — Timestamp: 4:25

These are looking at all singular mentions of Father and Son. There are no mentions of “Son’s” in the KJB, but there are a few mentions of “Father’s”. Some would argue that it’s strange to disregard Father’s (with the apostrophe) from the search. This type of mindset (which does not believe God could do such a thing as make a difference between Father & Father’s) will usually also believe that italicized and parable mentions should not be included in the search either, which totally throws off the count, right? (A parable mention is when you see Father capitalized in a parable about God the Father, but the capitalization is a result of grammatical rules and not because the mention itself is directly referencing God the Father. (even though it is about Him in the parable). All 3 parable mentions of capitalized Father are in the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15). This mindset, which believes these mentions of Father and Son (italicized and parable) should be excluded, is snared by its own logic, because you get a perfect total of 70×7 mentions of Father(‘s) + Son in the New Testament only, when you exclude Italicized mentions (Mat 22:42, Mark 13:34, Colossians 1:19, 1 John 2:23) and exclude Parable mentions (Luke 15:12,18,21).

Father + Son (Entire Bible) {PURE; Father = God, Son = Jesus}
KJB = 490 = 70×7

Counts in other versions to be determined.


3. Perfect Alignments of Jesus* — Timestamp: 5:08

These are looking at all mentions of Jesus* but there is also a pattern when you look at only the singular mentions of Jesus (without the apostrophe). The 77th mention of Jesus (Singular) is in Matthew 16:17, which is also in that same passage as the 7th mention of Christ. This passage is when Jesus is revealed by the Father as the Christ (Messiah), the Son of God, to Peter. Each of these (Singular) 77th mentions are connected to a revelation: The 77th mention of Jesus (Mat. 16:17) is when Jesus is revealed to Peter as the Messiah of Israel, the Son of God. The 77th mention of Christ (Singular) is in Acts 10:36 when it’s revealed to Peter that Christ is Lord of all, both Jews and Gentiles. And the 77th mention of Jesus Christ (Singular) is in Galatians 1:12, directly talking about the gospel being given unto Paul by the revelation (the revealing) of Jesus Christ.

Jesus* (Entire Bible) {PURE; Jesus = Christ the Lord}
KJB = 77th with 7th Christ, 70x7th in John 10:30-36, 777th with 77th Holy Ghost

Alignments in other versions to be determined.


2. GOD [UPPERCASE] + Jesus* — Timestamp: 6:23

These are all singular [UPPERCASE] names of God & Jesus in the Bible. None are left out. It doesn’t include possessive mentions of “LORD’S”. Some may consider this inconsistent to retain possessive mentions of Jesus’ however there are several logical explanations. Firstly, the vocal pronunciation of Jesus’ is the same as Jesus. So then faith cometh by “hearing,” and hearing by the word of God. Secondly, Jesus’ has the same number of letters as Jesus. An extra letter “s” is not required as it is with LORD’S. Thirdly, and by far the strongest point, is that all mentions of Jesus without the apostrophe = 970. There are exactly 970×7 mentions of singular UPPERCASE mentions of God (LORD + GOD + JEHOVAH + I AM + JAH). This means: even if you tried to consider it inconsistent/illogical to include possessive mentions of Jesus* with singular mentions of GOD [UPPERCASE] to get the 7777 count, you would still end up with mind-blowing miracle: [Singular] Jesus (Nine hundred and seventy) …times seven = All mentions of [Singular] (LORD + GOD + JEHOVAH + I AM + JAH).

LORD + GOD + JEHOVAH + I AM + JAH + BRANCH + KING + Jesus* (Entire Bible) {PURE; Jesus = Christ the Lord}
KJB = 7777x

Counts in other versions to be determined.


1. Jesus* + Christ* — Timestamp: 6:50

These are all mentions of Jesus/Christ in the KJB. None are left out. Additionally, you can reproduce the same count without including Christian* if look at a raw search. A standard search for Jesus(‘) + Christ(‘s) produces the same count (Keeping the antimentions).

Jesus* + Christ (Entire Bible) {PURE; Jesus Christ}
KJB = 1554 = 777+777
KJB1611 = 1554 = 777+777
NKJV = 1551
ESV = 1504
NASB20 = 1522
NIV = 1782



Don’t take my word for it, friend. Fact-check everything. I humbly encourage you. 🙂


If you choose to share this video or the info within, you are more than welcome to do so without giving me any attribution. All these things are the Lord’s, not mine. All I ask is that you do so in the humility of Christ Jesus our Saviour. Let us not boast or belittle. Rather, let us act prayerfully, in meekness, grace, and longsuffering. Christ is our example, our armour of light. Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ. What good is this perfect book if we cannot treat others with the same lovingkindess as Stephen in his last breaths? (Lord, lay not this sin to their charge) and as the Lamb of God? (Father forgive them for they know not what they do) …They were in the throes of death. How much more should we, alive and without agony, treat our family, friends and neighbors? Even when they go against us. We should bless them. We should pray for them. We should pray for our discernment, that there be no beams obstructing our mind’s eye. May the joy of the Holy Ghost conquer our souls. May Christ be magnified in all things.

All glory to Him. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Saviour of the world. Shepherd of our souls. Son of the living God. The Last Adam.

Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. Mark 13:31

The next video will cover one of the most astonishing things I have ever beheld: a bright and shining light to the entire world- a sign from heaven itself- that this Bible is God’s word.
Please pray for the Lord to continue to guide me and all others involved.

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Blessings in the love of our Saviour,


Trying to verify what you see?
The best Bible software for precision counting is King James Pure Bible Search (Windows, Mac, Linux) (used in this video) which is also 100% free. SwordSearcher (Windows) also seems to be highly accurate. Using other software (Blue Letter Bible, Logos, eSword, etc…) will often thwart the counts in their own unique ways. These apps are not built for accurate word counts.

Which Bible(s) do I use/recommend?

For personal reading: TBS Westminster, Cambridge Concord, Cambridge Turquoise, Paragraph Bible from Local Church Bible Publishers

For study: First Mention Study Bible (KevinMannBooks.com), Reese Chronological, Ruckman Reference Bible, Bullinger’s Companion Bible

For notes: Note Takers from Local Church Bible Publishers

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All of us have sinned. We have all come short. (See Romans 3:23)

And if there was any way to the Father outside of Jesus Christ, then you would be calling Jesus a liar. Any man who goes about to establish his own righteousness, is plainly rejecting the words of Christ in this Holy Bible.

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