Are all Bibles the same? The 3:16 Test results say “No. Not even close”

Are you new to the Bible issue?

You may already know that there are people who believe the King James Bible is the inspired word of God. These “KJV-onlyists” are debated, mocked and scorned every single day in both real life and online by other Christians.

Why is there a debate?

Why do so many versions of the Bible exist today? And why do some, such as myself, believe they are ungodly corruptions of His word?

I have a question for you that most will answer quickly, but not meditate on for more than 2 seconds: Is it too hard for God to perfectly preserve (through imperfect men) His words, as He said He would? Think about it. If God CAN inspire His perfect word through men… why wouldn’t He preserve it as well?

The root of the problem is this: most Christians today are enamored by myths and unbiblical beliefs taught by scholars, such as:

1. Only the originals were inspired by God
(The opposite is found in scripture)

2. You must look at different translations to get a better understanding
(Nowhere taught in the Bible)

3. Translations can all be nicely placed on a scale of literal vs figurative
(Completely deceptive since modern versions don’t even come from the same line of manuscripts as the King James Bible. Also, the Bible says God’s WORDS- not MESSAGES – are very pure)

I encourage you to stop and consider why King James only advocates are so adamant about their belief in a perfectly pure and inspired Bible.

The strange thing is- King James BIble believers actually believe God when He says His words are pure, inspired, preserved and incorruptible.

But- those who mock KJB believers say they believe all those things as well, they just cannot show you or I any Bible in any language as the object of their so-called beliefs. Because they really don’t believe God preserved his WORDS.

They believe they have textbooks that can help point them to the truth. We believe we HAVE THE TRUTH in our hands.

The serpent is subtil. And the first thing he does in the Bible (Genesis 3) is question and distort the word of God to mankind. He makes himself the textbook. He confuses you and attempts to cut you off from believing what God actually said.

May I suggest: he is still doing the same thing today. On a much larger scale.

Once you actually look at the differences in the text of the King James Bible (and all Bibles preceding it) vs the modern versions in stores today, only a fool would think newly translated Bibles are “better” because they are “easier to read.” They don’t even come close to each other in thousands of places. It becomes mass confusion, sometimes saying the complete opposite. And again, modern versions are NOT from the same line of manuscripts as the King James Bible. They are NOT the same bibles.

This video will open your eyes to see how many differences there really are. Using only one reference: 3:16

If you want a deeper study on this topic, I encourage you to watch the following Bible-study/documentary which shows how severe this issue really is:…

Thank you for reading, and may the Lord bless you with all wisdom and spiritual understanding as you seek HIM over this matter. And may the Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory for His perfect word.

Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. – John 15:3 KJB

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Brandon P

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